Can Marital Stress Make Me Sick?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Stress makes people sick when you are in a good marriage in a bad marriage stress will make you sick the reason for being in a secure functioning relationship or marriage is to reduce stress. People cause more stress than anything else. There's nothing harder, than another person, so it makes sense that other people will stress us.

Being in a secure functioning relationship means, things I would ordinarily worry about such as, will the relationship exist tomorrow? I'm I alone? Is there someone who understands me? Is there somebody who accepts me as I'm? Can I be myself? Those are taken off the table and I can relax.

So the one place where I can get refueled, my partner, and I do this for my partner as well, we are fans of each other, we know how to build each other up, how to calm each other down, we know just what to do with each other, that home situation creates a platform for me to do everything else.

I need that energy, not just to survive but to thrive in the world. Now, if I'm in a relationship where I'm constantly at war and I feel like I'm under stress, I cant be myself, I'm not loved for who I'm. Then I can get sick. The amount of stress that I'm under is constant, and we know that the stress hormones that are pumping through my brain and body are causing wear and tear on every organ.

That means that I'm going to be more susceptible to illnesses, disease, mental problems, and eventually some really complicated problems involving many areas, cardiovascular, inflammation, autoimmune and metabolic, all these systems will be affected including my memories, so it really is important that people take seriously this idea of secure functioning.The purpose of being in a relationship is to not be at war with each other, that doesn't make sense, it's to protect each other through life and to make life safer to be in..