A Surprising Way to Prevent a Sprained Ankle

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Hi, Dr. Clark here, with a surprising tip if you're prone to sprain ankles. Research has shown that when you sprain your ankle, your ankle ligaments become loose and less responsive. That makes you vulnerable for another ankle sprain. If you want to prevent a repeat injury, pay attention to your hips.

That's because an ankle sprain shuts down the muscles of your upper and outer hip, which throws off your balance and increase the risk for another injury. The best way to retrain your ankles is to strengthen key hip muscles with specific exercises. Exercises like the floor bridge and side-to-side tube walking are two great moves to strengthen your hips.

Also do balance exercises on a single leg. Start on a single leg standing on a stable floor, then progress to standing on a towel and move on to standing on a pillow cushion. That helps strengthen muscles from your ankles, all the way up to your hips so you can avoid another injury.

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