4 Ways to Avoid Workout Injuries and Burn More Calories

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Hi! I'm Dr. Oz with a tip to help you get fit and stay injury free. When you're in a time crunch you want to get the most out of every workout, right? Here's the most important exercise rule of thumb to follow. Maintain good form. By watching your posture and your form, you'll get the most benefit of your workouts and prevent strains and sprains.

Here are four good form tips for you. First off, keep your gaze at eye level, this simple move prevents neck strain. Next, lengthen your spine. Imagine a string pulling from the top of your head up to the ceiling to improve your posture. And tighten your abs. Strong abs helps support your lower back, and remember don't lock your knees.

Keep your knees slightly back, also keep your toes lined up to prevent over-stressing your knees. Remember that to get the lean body you want, good form is more important than how fast you move or how sweaty you get while working out. Checkout more smart ways to get healthy and fit right here.