Work the Night Shift? Here's How to Sleep Better

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden with an important tip if you work the night shifts. As more places stay open 24/7 night workers at economic factor of life for many people to well known it's study night workers are more vulnerable to type two diabetes and obesity, but recent research suggest that working just three nights a month known as rotating shift work also boosts your risk of type two diabetes.

Here's is how to cope, get seven to eight consecutive hours of sleep each day, no matter what, exercise daily even if you're beat. Avoid caffeine in the second half of your shift, so it'll be easier to get to sleep later. If it's bright outside when you head home wear dark sunglasses door to door, so sunlight can't activate your internal wake up clock. When you get home just get a light snack, so digestion won't keep you awake and avoid watching TV or getting on the computer, both are stimulating and make it tough to snooze, then go to bed and get a good day sleep.

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