Keep a Daily Routine for Better Sleep

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a simple strategy to help you sleep better. If you want to sleep like a baby, try showering at the same time each day. Research shows that older adults who stick to a routine, tends to fall a sleep faster and enjoy better quality sleep compared to folks with erratic schedules.

Sleep quality tends to decline as we age. It's part of age related changes that are out of our control and affect the sleep wake cycle. It's also probably why more than half of older report suffering from insomnia. The solution stick to a schedule, build a routine not only around your daily activities like bathing and eating but also with your weekly activities like shopping and cleaning.

In one study keeping a daily schedule had a slightly bigger impact on improving sleep from sticking to a routine with weekly activity. This is probably because daily activities are integrated into a nightly bed time routine. For more ways to live healthy watch all of our smart tips right here.