Boost Your Metabolism by Getting More Sleep

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Dr. Oz here with a super simple health tip. Want to increase your metabolism and burn more calories? Well do nothing. That's right, do nothing and go to bed instead. One study reveals that people have significantly slower metabolisms the morning after a sleepless night. About 20% lower not only that, if you pull it all lighter you're more likely to have a high blood sugar level,

higher stress hormones and more ghrelin in your system. It's a hunger stimulating hormone that increases before meals. So not surprisingly, you're going to feel hungrier the morning after not sleeping. We know from other research that sub par sleep comes with a greater risk for weight gain but this study offers insights into some possible reasons why.

By highlighting the way that sleep affects our metabolic rate. The rate at which our bodies burn calories, as well as a whole bunch of body systems linked to energy levels and hormones that can influence our eating habits. So when you try to boost your metabolism be sure to get your zzz'' and a goodnight sleep which means six to eight hours. You can watch more smart and simple Health Smarts right here, I'm Dr. Oz.

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