Should I Talk to My Doctor About My Sleep Disorder Symptoms?

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Unfortunately it's not uncommon when someone presents with a sleep problem to go to their doctor and not really get the answers that they need to really solve the problem. Sleep problems can be very complex and we just assume we close our eyes and open their eyes in the morning and sleep is happening.

There's a very complex for the neural sockets that are important to maintain good quality sleep and so when you go to your doctor and complain of a sleep problem, you wanna make sure right down when you're waking up at night, when you're having difficulty falling asleep or finding that your sleep is disrupted, you wanna keep a notebook besides your bed and take some notes.

So the very first thing you should be able to tell your doctors, why do you think you're not sleeping well at night? It may be pain, it may be anxiety or stress, so you can go armed with that information, it will help your doctor to focus better on the proper treatment that you need and not you running directly to a sleep pill because unfortunately people will say I can't sleep at night and typically the doctor will prescribe a prescription medication without looking for the root cause, and you have to look at the root cause it's like having pain and not investigating why is the pain there in the first place.

So you wanna again try and do your own homework, a little bit of investigation, why I'm I not sleeping at night. There's also some devices you can get over the counter. Devices that actually track sleep nowadays, home gadgets and if you can't get access to those, write down the notebook, bring your information to your doctor and try to avoid the sleeping pills to start out and using the natural substances that may help bridge you over to better sleep while you're working on finding better.