How Do Medications Treat Sleep Disorders?

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Medications for sleep disorders have three different effects, one that you do not develop tolerance to, meaning no matter how many times you get the sleep pills, you still have it is what we call an excitement phase. So, when you just take that little drink you get excited, that's inhibiting inhibitors so you feel excited and you'll never develop tolerance to that, so you always will have that excitement at a low dose.

At a little higher dose, you get respiratory depression and in fact a little depression of memory that respiratory depression in memory can go to a high enough dose that can kill you and you never develop a tolerance to that. The third thing, is it induces sleep by putting your Gamma Amino-Butyric Acid (GABA), there's a test after this, by putting your GABA system if you are activating it to activate your sleep and you do develop tolerance to that.

So the more times you use a sleep medicine, the less effective it is. That's why you need holidays, that's also why we say do everything else possible for your sleep. Get hygiene right, only use the bedroom for sleeping sex, don't have extraneous lights on, get the temperature right, plan for it, get rid of all things you got to do the next day.

That's why we say do all of those things before you then go to sleep medicines, and then if you got to go to sleep medicines, we really think you should go to a specialist, because there are different medicines for different forms of sleep disorders.