What Are the Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea?

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Audience what do you think? Effective. They are not sure a red flag for Sleep Apnea is cotton mouth. Now Jackie is joining us, Jackie says she has cotton mouth in the morning. Do you know if you have sleep apnea? No I have no idea. I never considered that but actually my father, now that I think of it, had sleep apnea.

It does. Well, Sleep Apnea is a big issue and cotton mouth is a red flag work for bunch of reasons. And Parker as your breathing air in and out of your mouth so it dries your mouth out. So I'll get a little test for you. I want you to take this test. It's called the Snow Score. And you give yourself a point every time you to answer yes to one of these five questions.

The first question is do you snore? Well I'm not sure but husband tells me that I do and sometimes he has to get up and go sleep in the other room. He does, but you are still mad at him about that, I bet. Yes, I don't bite. [LAUGH] All right. Do you wake up groggy with a headache in the morning? Yes absolutely.

You feel constantly fatigued during the day, just tired all the time. Yeah I feel like I'm never fully awake. All right. The fourth question, you fall asleep reading or you fall asleep watching television or you fall asleep driving, I hope not. No, no I wish I could fall asleep reading cuz then I would feel more rested.

All right. [LAUGH] And the fifth question, last one is do you have problems with memory or concentration. Absolutely, usually when I'm cooking I go across the room to find a spice, I stand there looking around like, what I am doing here? Why am I here? So you have four out of five on our snore score.

For everyone at home and in the audience, if you got two of those questions, or more, positive, that means you are at risk for Sleep Apnea. Only need to have two of them answered positively, and you ought to see a doctor or some other professional because there's are a lot of problems with Sleep Apnea.

It causes all kinds of headaches, like hypertension and weight gain in a like. That's stated, I've got a quick fix for you. People who sleep on their sides generally don't have Sleep Apnea. Cuz they open up their air way. They don't have everything collapse down in the back of their throat.

So roll over on your side and to do that you can put a pillow between your legs to make yourself comfortable.