What Foods Help Me Have Softer Skin?

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This video, I just love this, they are so much fun. The second funny video came from Atlanta Georgia where you live. Tanya's joining us, welcome Tanya. Alright ands this is the anti aging remedy for the skin? CYesWalk us through itActually I have this perfect delicious looking sandwich here okay? And this is for the moisturiser for the skin coming into this winter months, you need something to moisturise your skin.

Okay, Well. It's definitely not in the cheese although technically it's not in the turkey. No let's get rid of the bacon. What do you go for? The mayo it's my moisturiser. You can put it wherever. I'm serious.  Alright. And is a good anti aging and you know what? This is just plain. Sometimes I like to add eggs to it.

Eggs with mayo? Yes. Eggs with mayo. So you just whip that up a little bit come on put it in there, make it work and you know you just take, okay but I will tell you what? This is what we are going do, you just take and you just apply, you apply to your affected areas and I know we say "oh", but it works.

My grandmother has been doing this when I a little child, way before I was born and I adopted this remedy over 15 years ago and it still works for me. You go out like this at all? No I don't go out like this, it's a little style, but it works. What do you guys think? Yeah, They say yes, they say do the honors here we go? Yes I love this remedy the active ingredient that nails it is the soy bean oil straight from your skin and inhibits some of the enzymes responsible of breaking down the elastins through the rubber bands in the skin if you keep that elasticity you're still in strick by the way, thank you.

In addition adds up vitamin A which has been showing you through this wrinkles cut a lots of other crazy things that are happening and even for psoriasis well as an inflammatory reactions your skin can help yeahthat so all together you've got a power house treatment for more youthful skin later possibly good turkey sandwich, exactly thank you, thank you grandma.