What Do Antioxidants Do for the Skin?

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Antioxidants are really important when it comes to skin care and sun damage, basically what antioxidants do is that they neutralize free radicals, so things like sun exposure, pollution, smoking, all of these things can generate free radicals that actually cause wrinkles by breaking down collagen and elastine the free radicals also give us DNA damage and can make us prone to developing skin cancer.

So what antioxidants do is that they can neutralize these free radicals I think of them in very important ways because you can put an antioxidant in the morning coupling that with your daily sunscreen so that you actually have those antioxidants on the skin is that first line of defense to try to quench those free radicals before they cause skin damage, and some antioxidants are things like Vitamins A C, and E as well as antioxidants we get from our food.

So leafy vegetables, green tea these are all powerful antioxidants, but also at night time after the skin has been depleted of the antioxidants throughout the day combating all of that free radical damage. I like to recommend putting an antioxidant on before going to sleep so that the skin can be replenished, and we can have enough antioxidants for the next day ahead.