What Can I Do to Reduce Wrinkles?

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The next [xx] is from Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe which is again the middle of Africa there, is going to help Angela who's worried about her wrinkles. Did they just, they sprung up also like that? Not this time. When I hit like 40, everything kind of just started wrinkling and popping up and I don't like it.

[LAUGH] I just hit 42, I hate it, but I got great secrets. So what they do in Zimbabwe the ancient secrets? This is one of my favourite secrets because it is so unique and exotic what the women do it is not only do they use all credit to stay slim but they use it as a match to really help the plump up any types of fine lines and hydrate the skin which is secret to removing all the wrinkles.

So this is the staff right here? This is the staff, what they do they coil it over and they actually match it to this line in consistency. Ooh my goodness you better do that. And they put it right on the skin and they leave it on, you gotta feel this Dr. Oz I mean it's such an interesting texture.

Oh my goodness yes, it has. >>They leave it on for about twenty minutes. Thank you. So, how did it feel, you like the way it feels? It's cool. It's cooling, isn't it? Yeah. It's slimy, its got tons of vitamin A, E and C, so it's very heavy on the oxygen, but it's super, super pumping.

So, this is one thing I tell all my nice lovely clients to use this before they sly, so when they get to the next destination they're wrinkle free. And how long do you leave it on? 20 minutes. Doable? Doable. Again you need the [xx] too? Is really good for you. [xx] this but you don't [xx] back to.