What Can I Do to Fade Brown Spots On My Skin?

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Welcome back. For centuries women from every corner of the globe have passed on their age defying skin secrets. Shalini Vadhera author of Passport to Beauty is here with the best ancient creams about around the world. So, Shalini Vadhera where are we going to first? We are going to Korea.

Korea? Yes, let's go. Lets go, Korea of course far east and Jennifer is here to join us. Are you going to talk about your brown spots, is that right? I am. What do you think about them? They just popped up about eight months ago and I don't know where they came from or how I have them.

They stuck up on you, you weren't looking. Absolutely. The brown spots have women all over the planet. So Shalini, what are the ancient secret from Korea. This is a great. I actually havea secret because I have brown spots all over face too. This is a secret that they have used for centuries in Korea.

They really value lighter skin in Korea. So what they do is when they make their rice, which is their dietary staple, they actually wash it first, [xx] all the starch. Well, it's withthat water where the secret lies. And this is what they use to wash their face. So that's the water [xx], that's the water [xx] The secret is that it's that it's got a lot of [xx] in it which is a natural sunscreen, it's got ferulic acid which is another sunscreen, and it's got an anti-inflammatory and they really helps to regenerate the skin.

Are you ready to try it? Sure. Yes. It's great. Just take this, dip it in the water and what you're going to do is gently wash your face, you do it once a week, you'll notice within a month that your dark spots will start to fade away. Is that how you do it? [xx] washing your face? Yes your face? Exactly.

And long do you leave it on after you wash your face? You just leave it right on. For the rest of the day? Yes, because it's just water yes absolutely. You're washing it on and kind of taking it off at the same time with [xx]. How does it feel? Cool. Cool like I will do this cool or cool I'm glad this is not going to happen again? No cool I will do it.

We can notice that the men in Asia they also don't have any spots on their hands and it's from washing that rice. Ah, diabolically smart. Thank you very much.