Take Vitamin D and Calcium to Reduce Melanoma Risk

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller and here's a quick tip that may help prevent skin cancer. You slather on sunscreen, limit sun time and keep an eye on those moles but there's one more thing you could do, pop a calcium and vitamin D supplement. In a large seven year study of women who'd previously had skin cancer, those who took a daily calcium and vitamin D supplement had 57% fewer melanomas compared with the women who didn't take the supplement.

Scientists aren't sure whether a calcium or vitamin D supplement could help prevent Melanoma and people who'd never had the disease, but we do know vitamin D helps control how quickly cells replicate, it could help keep in check the growth of different cancer cells including colon, breast and prostrate cancer cells.

If you've had another form of skin cancer, you're at higher risk of developing Melanoma, the deadliest kind, later in life. So popping a supplement in addition to protecting your skin in the sun may be an easy expert things to do. I recommend 1000mg of calcium a day. Take in two doses because your body can absorb only so much calcium at once, and take a 1000 international units of vitamin D daily.

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