How Can I Treat Clogged Pores?

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From India. Les Dee Ann is joining as and she says she's struggles with clogged pores. I see you've already applied it the concoction here. So what is the secret you got here from India? Well, this is a great secret. Every single bride in India does this before she gets married because its great at tightening pores, it helps the skin look beautiful and bright.

All we did is we mix cheeky powder with a little bit of tumeric and some Oman oil. And when you mix it together, you getting a great anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial in your tumeric. The cheeky powder is actually what absorbs all the oil from the skin and that's what helps to tighten the pores and the Oman oil as it softens the skin so when you use the mask you leave it on for about five minutes you start to let it dry and you don't wash it off you do is you actually start to rub it in and it starts to come off.

May I help? Absolutely. And what it does it does not only exfoliates any dry dead skin but it actually helps to take off that irritating pitch puzzle all these women hate. So you end up looking flawless and gorgeous, and we actually go over entire body in India before we get married, so we are super gorgeous on our wedding day.

OK, how does it feel? It feels nice, like cleansing. It is. And when you're done you actually wash, I got you. Whatever [xx] you want to just go ahead and take it off with some water, yes. She feel the difference yet? It just my face feels clear even though it looks fake but feels really clean.

It's feeling great when you're taking off to see how bright you skin looks, yes? Actualy wash off a little bit for us to see what it looks like, and you sure have a cuppy costume here, you know how picky people can be. See how it's coming off right here Dr. Oz? This is exactly what you want.

This is taking off all the dead skin, and it's also moving off that pitch puzzle. Take some of that here if you don't mind because [xx]. Sure, absolutely. That's exactly how you want to get it off, just by rubbing it all off. You feel a little difference? I do. I'm definitely going to try this.

[xx] did you want to try it? Yes. You got to take her. Thank you for trusting us, I think it's been fantastic. [xx] wonderful advice.