How Can I Avoid Melanoma?

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Key things are, vigilant of the sun, try to minimize sun exposure, high SPF sunblock year round, avoid tanning beds, try to stay out of the sun as best as possible during peak hours. While also important to check your own skin once a month, have someone, a friend, spouse look at your scalp on here, on your back, as you can't see yourself very literally, and have a very low threshold to show to a dermatologist and he knew what are changing, reason, it's better to understand the question in that regard, once a month is a nice interval, because if you look at something everyday, you might not notice subtle changes because you're not giving enough chance between use, and you're not at the same time doing enough monthly intervals, you're not waiting too long, so if something's changing, you are catching it in a not too long time frame.

It's also very important to educate family. If someone has Melanoma, the risk of first degree family members developing melanoma in their life time increases so they need to know, their physicians need to know, and they should undergo similar sun avoidance measures. One of the challenges is that, people when they are younger in life, teenagers, children go out in the sun.

You get a sunburn, and it might be a blistering sunburn. At that time, you yourself don't even know what melanoma is. You don't know what cancer is. You're young. You're not thinking in those terms, and you haven't really been 20 yet. So you rely on your elders at a sense to have to educate their children, so that they be vigilant at young age.

That's important to do, and to really hone in and educate the child about that.