Does Psoriasis Raise Heart Disease Risk?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Do you suffer from Psoriasis? Then it's even more important for you to exercise everyday and eat a smart diet, that's because Psoriasis nearly doubles your risk for heart and blood sugar troubles. The same immune system is now full, it makes your skin inflamed and itchy also boost body wide inflammation and that raises your risk of heart attacks and metabolic syndrome, but you can fight back.

Eat a healthy diet, you know what that means lots of fruits, veggies, whole grain, green protein and little or no saturated fat transfers to added sugars. Keep your weight under control, ladies that means keeping your weight under 35 inches, guys yours needs to stay under 40 inches. Watch your cholesterol, in particular take steps to boost your healthy HDL cholesterol and lower unhealthy Psoriasis.

Smart lifestyle choices can help with that, manage your blood pressure ask your doctor about getting a fasting blood sugar test and if you feel the results are ought to be under 100. Finally, manage your stress, this will help ease to rise [xx] heart. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to watch your health check all of our smart tips right here.