Do Scar Eliminators Actually Work?

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Thank you. And the next secret is about scar eliminators, now who's tried scar eliminators? A third of the audience, probably. So what's the secret about scar eliminators? Well, they don't work basically because you can't turn scar tissue back to regular skin. That's the problem. You might be able to get some redness reduced by using these products, but you're not going to get a scar and turn back to regular skin.

Let me show you how to [xx] and explain how it's nearly impossible to reverse a scar, just from using one of these cosmetic products. Let's say you're working in the kitchen and you're cutting some onions and you mistakenly make a little cut in your finger. What really happens in there? Well, as those skin edges come apart, your body secretes fluids, white blood cells, all these different elements come together to provide a nutrient base in that scar for collagen to grow.

Collagen is like ropes, they wind around on each other and as they grow through there, they actually little like ropes pull to get the skin, it's tough stuff, it changes color sometimes and gets hardly raise as well, does it have the right amount of melanin, it become this big, unattractive element, but you can turn that back.

Thousands of years of evolution just with the cosmetic cream, so what do you recommend? Talk to your dermatologist and find out about laser treatments or even plastic surgery that might be able to help you. Alright we go to and find the recommendations from Shop Smart Magazine, I'm saving the best for last, my favorite anti-aging secret from the grocery store that can help you look years younger, what could it be? Find out next.