Can Retinol Help Make My Skin Look Younger?

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A better solution though to look younger involves using retinol creams. Now, why is that Dr. Graf? Retinol is the most this important anti-aging ingredient, everyone should be using it. Now why retinol? When we get older, our skin gets really thin, it gets really lackluster, loses elasticity, kind of like the sponge over here.

Now when you take the sponge you put it in water you see how it just plumps up, and fills in those crevices, and that's the effects that retinol has, but one that I rely like is Aven Diacnal which has retinaldehyde, so it's for sensitive skin, it's readily available and everyone should be using no matter what skin type.

OK, so what is the best potion to look younger? Well the best potion to achieve exactly what Donna asked is an exfoliant now why do you need an exfoliant? You need an exfoliant because as we age, our dead skin cell collect because our natural enzymes don't work as correctly, they don't work as well.

So, if you look at this apple that has all the stuff, this is the effect that dead skin has on our face, on our skin, so when you exfoliate in just one treatment that's the effect that an exfoliate has and this is skin PH which has natural fruits in it, so it's gentle but effective exfoliator.

What do think about that? That sounds great. Thank you all second [xx].