Can One Item Replace All Of My Other Skin Care Products?

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Now a lot of you spend jobs of money at the drug store and a zillion things like trauma, foundation, you buy moisturizers, get sun block, anti- aging serums, but what if I told you that there's one product that does it all, and can save you time and money? So, you wouldn't need any of these things.

The miracle that I'm talking about, it's a miracle in a tube, it's BB cream. Now, it is literally five products in one, and joining me is a woman, who knows about a skin miracles, she's a woman often turned to for face facials, she's also founded bliss spa's and the recent skincare line of soap and glory, Marcia Kilgore, welcome.

Thank you. Great to be on the show.Thank you Could you explain to everyone what BB cream really is? A BB cream stands for beauty bomb, and it's a miracle in a tube because there are five different things, sometimes six depending on which brands you buy, and it's not a brand, it's a new type of product, so you can get several different types of BB creams on the market, but a BB cream will do everything you need for your skin in a single swipe.

So walk me through, I know there are five things in theory it would do. The first is to be a primer? Yes, it brightens the skin like a primer. It helps to even out your tone and your skin tone like a foundation. It will hydrate you like a moisturizer. It offers U.V protection like a sunscreen and then the anti-aging ingredient in there like a treatment serum.

Why would everyone not use it? I don't know, it's a miracle that nobody thought of it before now. All right, so what kinds of anti-aging ingredients should be found in BB creams. You want to look around, different brands will give you different benefits. Vitamin A, for instance is something that is really great for regenerating your skin.

You can look for Vitamin C which is great for brightening your skin, and also acts as a really strong and potent antioxidant. Hyalunoric acid is an ingredient you see in some of them and that's one of my favourites because it pumps your skin from the inside out, but for me, the most important thing, I think is that they all have sun screens and most of them have sunscreen and sunscreen is so important because the most terrible thing you can do to your skin is expose it to the sun, that's what causes most aging.

And where does folks find it, what does it cost? No, BB creams are so popular now, you can find them in drug stores, you can find them in department stores, you might find them at your local make-up counter they can cost anywhere $7.99-$9.9. You want to really look on the product for just the letters B-B and that's Beauty Bomb.

So that's how you can identify one of these products out there. And really you can get a great product at the lower end of the price spectrum. So you don't have to pay a fortune, it's really about being able to have that convenience and everything all in one. Now how do you pick the one that's right for you? I know that you put a couple out here.

Yes, you know they come now in many different colors. So many brands are on this bandwagon of the BB cream, then you can go out there and you want to look for something that matches your normal foundation. Something that has the right texture for your skin. So if your are oily, you might want to look for something that's oil free, if you live somewhere that's really sunny you want look for something with a higher SPF.

If you tend to be in a polluted environment, something made with more antioxidants. So you have to do a little bit of trial and error, but I'm pretty certain you're going to find the perfect for your skin. Which one will work for me you think? I'm kidding. BB cream they'd shoot me.

I was quite impressed that you knew all about primer and sun screen. You've been out there, haven't you? Yeah. Alright, before the show Marcia applied BB cream to two different audience members' faces. To Eve and Christie. Let's take a look at Eve's skin before the the BB cream was applied, here is your picture.

Yes. So describe it to us Marcia. Well, Eve was really concerned about her skin because she had blotchiness and pigmentation, uneven pigmentation and especially around here in the eye area, and that very often happens after you've had a child. So your hormones change and very often your skin gets hyper pigmentation, the blotchiness.

She had a little bit of spot acne here, she said some was leftover from teenage acne, this was a newer one so I told her it's probably from a hair products. And here you can see a little bit of redness, that's broken capillaries.