4 Steps to Glowing Skin

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Hi, Dr. Miller here. Could your skin use a pick me up? Follow these basic steps. Watch what you're washing. You have an acid mantle like cellophane that forms a protective layer on your skin to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. If your skin loses with this acidity, it becomes more prone to damage and infection.

To preserve this protective layer, use gentle pH balanced soaps and cleansers. Use skin care products with vitamin A. The vitamin A family commonly called retinoids can increase the water content of your skin without clogging the dead layer of cells that makes skin look dull. Ultra violet light from the sun can burst this to something that ages your skin.

So go for vitamin A only after dark. Exfoliate, encourage new cells to grow by cleaning your skin daily or weekly with a light physical or chemical exfoliate. Physical exfoliates are the kind that feel griddy. Feel moisture in apply moisturizer while you're still damp from the shower and re apply if needed.

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