3 Ways to Prevent & Treat Diaper Rash

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Hi, I'm Dr. [xx] as you parents know all too well diaper rash often makes you little one very uncomfortable and cranky, here are three ways to prevent and sue that. In the first week of life diaper rashes are often simply due to irritation from wetness, apply a cream that contains zinc oxide to create a barrier between your baby's sensitive skin and irritants.

Another option is a thin layer of petroleum jelly, that can help prevent diaper rash, and make it easier to clean your baby during diaper changes. But if your baby has a rash that's red pinkish and raised or sometimes raw with some bumps surrounding it, chances are you're looking at a yeast infection, in that case you'll need a special yeast cream, if your baby's diaper rash doesn't improve after a few days with a cream of your choice, have your pediatrician check it out.

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