3 Tips to Stop Puffy Eyes

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We can get rid of puffy eyes or under eye bags in three ways. Number one, again you need to moisturizer, you really need your body to de-puff your under eye bugs and get rid of all the toxins that build up there. Sometimes your diet can cause a lot of extra fluid to actually collect under your eyes, so you have sushi and a lot soy sauce the night before, you are going to wake up the next morning with more fluid under your eyes, so try to correct your diet a little bit there.

The second thing you can use little secret is actually paper tape, if you did have that high soy sauce, high salt meal and you know you are prone to these bags the next day, put a little paper tape under your eyes when you got to sleep, the night before, and when you wake up in the morning take away the tape, you will not have the same collection of fluid under your eyes.

That's a secret way to minimize the bags. And the third way is guess what? You wake up, you've got these bags under your eyes. You need a quick fix. You can take a very cold shower to constrict all the blood vessels and de-puff, and also do two sets of jumping jacks for 30 seconds each. That circulation is really going to help rev your body up and help drain away some of that extra fluid that collected there.

So those are my three tips for de-puffing the bags under your eyes.