Treadmill Talks: Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer Risk

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Dr. Mike from the Treadmill desk. Is your promten[sp?] safe? Well experts from the female clinic and the male clinic both were denied at this day or this week and said, don't get it. If you want something take one of those, if you will, ointments that give you a tan and spread it on.

Cast it first on your skin to make sure you are going to like what you see. But don't go to in the tanning salon, because the tanning salon lights have something that's called UVC. We don't even get it from the sun, you get it from those tanning lights. UVC think of it as UVs that cause cancer.

Melanoma rates up, 10 fold in the last 20 years, and who gets them? That's right, the young women who've been tanned for their prom. So don't get tanned for your prom, melanoma cancer isn't worth the fun of one night especially when you can get it from a tube, just this well.