How Often Should I Check My Skin for Cancer?

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[APPLAUSE] Our next question comes to us from our station Fox seven Austin take a look. Hi Toross I'm Mary Beth and I've been laying out for a long time I don't know how often I should be going to the dermatologist? That's a common question isn't it? I think there are a couple of things we should be smart like about getting too much sun exposure which we know will pre-dispose you to some types of skin cancer.

So, you take control of your destiny a little bit by avoiding the risk factors that cause it but all in all to test it if you might want to try it's called the birthday suit test. All right when on your birthday you strip naked and you look on your body for things that might be worse but let me just show you one image of what a Melanoma looks like.

Because if you see this, you see how it is sort of dark doesn't have to be this color by the way but it's bigger than the back of a pencil so it's more than four millimeters, use the erasable pencil. If it's bigger than that and has that kind of irregular border and that kind of a curly/g raised appearance those are the kinds of things you worry a lot about.

Malanoma are the cancers that kill you the skin cancers that kill you more than the other one, that's what we looked for, makes sense?.