How Do I Know If My Mole Is Cancer?

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[APPLAUSE] Finally a question from one of our friends in Philadelphia. Take a listen. Hi Dr. Rose, Ross Britton from /gWOGO. I have a little thing like not even a mole on my face here and I am wondering how do you tell if it's dangerous or not? Very common question, let me give you a quick primer.

Actually one demo, but this image is however that of a melanoma, and the way you can diagnose a melanoma is by using the ABCD rule. So this is an image of what a melanoma looks like. A is for asymmetry, you see that circle. Look at your moles right now. Anybody see if you have a mole in your body, you have noticed it should be completely circular.

Second thing, that boarder you see if it's irregular and that is got a different color is in the like, C its color because the whole thing is not one shade of dark hues or what it normally should be and D is the diameter, so we got a pencil here? Pencil? Good. I put it there. [LAUGH] So, the ratio that I had with the pencil is six millimeters.

If your mole is large than that, I get worried about it. Anybody have a mole in their body now? Yes. Everybody has got one. Let me see, come over here closer real quick. Okay now thank you very much. What's your name? You're welcome. Chinie. My mike. I have a mike. You hold this, i'll hold this.

There we are. Thank god I shaved. [LAUGH] So, this is actually not really much of a mole. So, if it was flat on the skin and had a little bumpiness to it, then I said okay it's still a little smaller than an eraser, but it is probably circular and the color's pretty constant through it.

So it doesn't worry me. All right, thank you very much. Thank you, Dr. Rose. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] Thanks very much.