Why Does a Woman's Libido Decline After 40?

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Over 40, why are we [XX] for. [xx] joining us gynecologist helping patients with sex illusion for over 16 year. [xx] I hear about sex issues in private more than any other thing we talk about on the road map here. Women just don't feel as excited by sex anymore after the age of 40, and why is that? Well, my most common complain especially in clinical practice is definitely that it becomes very painful.

You have to address that little vaginal dryness and I have a lot of goodies for you to help and to handcuff, yeah that helps too. The handcuff? Yeah, to handcuff. Is this something you all experienced, right to jump off into the audience, you're perfect, [xx]. After the age of 40, what are some of the sex illusion that might be helpful for this problem.

What do you got in there? I don't know there is some goodies there. So that olive oil, water based lubricant and cream is it making cake what is this stuff? Yes, its [XX] my three sex recipe, and it works all the time, and I always get a great cake after it, okay. The first thing is the vagina, the vagina as you know may loose some lubrication.

It is important that you lubricate it back not only for the moisture reasons but also the elasticity that you want because you don't want it to be painful. Estrogen cream will give you both of those things. Okay that's number one, alright? The second most important ingredient is the olive oil and I like extra virgin, extra light olive oil, so it doesn't have an odor.

I will tell you, in my office this is the sin that is my secret weapon. Especially for the outside, everybody always denies it, that little skin between the vagina and the anus which is called the perennial, can really get awfully dry. Like we put cream all over our body, we deny that part and what happens is that you can get little tears and they can burn especially while even when you urinate and things like that.

So what really deters your sexual libido when that happens olive oil used every day after taking your shower is absolutely fabulous and it will be moisture and it will give again that elasticity that you want. What is this water based lubricant? Yeah, the water based lubricant is for intercourse.

Okay, you can put it inside the vagina and obviously if you want to make a little fun you can do a little flavours, cherry, my favorite. Okay but, they are also obviously I like water based because it doesn't change the PH in the vagina. Thus, leading to a vaginal infection because you also don't want to have consequence of that.

Put in your kit [XX] is about [xx]. Store that you'll need it. Thank you very much. Thank you.