What Can I Do If I Feel Pain During Sex?

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Well, a lot of women experience pain during sex, in fact, this survey that we did here at the Dr. Oz show, show that over 50% of women complain of painful intercourse at some point, whether that's occasionally, or in a chronic manner. And the first thing that women need to know is that painful sex is never acceptable.

It doesn't always mean there's a major problem, sometimes they can have occasional or intermitent pain, and it will go away spontaneously, and obviously that's preferable. But if a woman is experiencing pain, and it doesn't go away, or if it's severe, she needs to speak to her doctor, and get a thorough physical exam, and if her doctor doesn't evaluate it to her satisfaction, or doesn't try to at least help her, get at the root cause of it, then she should find another doctor.

But we see patients all the time who complaiof vaginal pain or pelvic pain with intercourse, and it could be from range of factors, it could be from physiological trauma in the past, or emotional issues, it could be from something as simple as vaginal dryness which could be hormonal, it could even be a side effect of some medications, there could be some infection going on.

There could be scar tissues, there is a really long list of factors that can cause pain with sex, so really the important thing is to have a thorough exam to try to pinpoint what the course of the problem is, and then to attempt some treatments.