What Are the Treatment Options for Low Sex Drive?

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Some of the treatment options for low sex drive are, first of all identifying why exactly you have a low sex drive to begin with, I know that in my clinical practice, what I find the most common complaint in vaginal dryness. So a good relationship with your physician and a wonderful visit to your gynecologist, your favorite one ofcourse is going to be your remedy.

One of the things that are the many things that we can do is give you estrogen cream for the vagina, in other words you don't really need hormonal replacement therapy, but just localize treatment. There are also a lot of other things that you can do if you're not a candidate for estrogen cream in the vagina, for example Olive oil is one of my favorite things, it's a great lubricant, it brings you back your electricity and remember when sex is less painful it will increase your sexual libido because obviously you want to do it.

Unfortunately we don't have a lot of options for sexual libido, believe it or not there have been a couple of FTA approved or we were trying to get FTA approval for some medication force to help sexual libido. For example, testosterone in a patch form was also going to be tried to be FTA approved unfortunately we had a really big increase in cholesterol and that was a very very negative side effect.

Viagra has also been tested in women and the only women that really improve with their sexual libido was women that were already on antidepressants and they only had about 30% improvement. So unfortunately there's not a lot of stuff out there in terms of treatments, but a great communication with your partner is the most important thing.