Is It Ever Okay to Go to Sleep Angry?

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Are there any questions for John Gray, talking about relationships? What's your first name? Hi, Amy. Nice to meet you. Hi Amy. I was wondering, I actually spoke to a woman who was married 50 years, and she and her husband were together recently at a wedding I went to. And she said the key to successful marriage is never go to bed angry.

But I'm wondering is there ever a time when you should maybe table it till the morning and sometimes both parties need to sleep, so the option is better to let it be and to discuss it in the morning? You're absolutely right. For that woman who was married 50 years, women in that generation didn't have as much to be angry about.

[LAUGH] Research has shown women's stress levels are twice as high as they used to be during the working day and then they double again when they come home. This is why we men have to understand how to help women produce oxytocin because it's oxytocin that helps them lower that stress, their work day doesn't.