How Can I Enjoy Sex If I Don't Feel Comfortable With My Body?

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Is not for kids because they're very frank and graphic discussion and conversation of sex. Today I'm revealing the results of our national sex survey and they're nothing but shocking. We polled the nation, to ask the questions that you are too afraid to talk about. Nothing was taboo today is the day you take control of your sex life.

Our mission to take the poll of sex in America today. And so we launched our very own national sex survey. Canvasing we see America from coast to coast to find doubt what's really going on in your bedroom. We posted our survey on our website, on Facebook, on Twitter. We even asked our audience members.

and then we enlisted Carolina Bermudez, who co-hosts a popular Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, they get the low down. We're going to get down to it, right Dr. Oz? Yes. So Carolina hit the streets. I'm in the heart of Times Square. I'm in front of the most proper house in America to find out why it's so hard to open up about sex.

Would you be willing to participate in Dr. Oz's national sex survey? Excuse me ladies, there are some embarrassing questions on here, are you ready to answer them? I'll answer anything. Have you ever purchased a sex aid? Well have you? Allegedly. How are you taking care of business? I'm so not answering that!Would you rather eat or have sex? Sex with my husband.

There you go! And there's a happy man right there!Some of you surprised us That's my fantasy, a tattoo. OK. A little teeny thing saying 'Slippery when wet'. Oh! my gosh! Some of you held nothing back. Hey you know like, pour whipped cream all over and lick it off or something like that.

And some of you shocked us. Do you ever have any sexual fantasies? Jay Z and George Clooney.  Jay Z and George Clooney together? No! Dr. Oz wants to know the truth. Dr. Oz, I love you and all, but there are some things that I'm not going to tell you.