Can Lack of Sex Affect My Health?

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And I'll ask couples Kimberly and Oliver, they've been married for a little over a year, welcome to this show, Kimberly how are you? great. Come right over here. Oliver how old are you?, so the newly weds. Newly weds, what I love about newly weds is just learning about each other, so Arthur what is it that Kimberly is doing to you that you think might be taking years not taken years off your wife?.

She didn't give me enough sex. Doesn't give you enough sex? Yes. Like for examples of. How was it like last time when you guys were into bed with each other? You're asking a bad question. Doesn't remember. Alright I'll give you a special plan, you going to play the game for us, you control the buzzer, that's right the monitor audience let them know what you think the year.

So he said 10 years does anyone want to say the truth to answer if four years. Four years to me is a long time, it's a big price to pay given up some of this full enjoyable to begin with, Jane why, why? Well, you still look at sex like it's an exercise not just for your pelvic but for your brain, your heart, your whole body and it's very important that you exercise as much as possible, so we know for example that, for men who have sex once a month they are at more than 2 times the risk of heart disease, heart attack that men who have sex twice a week.