Best Foods for a Better Sex Life

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with some tasty ways to rev up your sex life. If you want to heat things up in the bedroom, add these eats to your menus. Garlic helps improve blood flow by increasing a gas called Nitric Oxide, better blood flow means better performance. Bananas contain bromelain which is believed to improve male libido.

Cabbage helps increase blood flow which helps with the arousal. Celery contains androsterone, it's a hormone released by male sweat that turns women on. Sweet figs are high in Amino acids to increase libido. The spice nutmeg has been shown to significantly increase sexual activity in rats. Long [xx] is an aphrodisiac, oysters are high in zinc which helps produce testosterone, and finally there is chocolate.

It's been long considered the consummate love drug, because its ingredients have a feel good effect. One study even shows that caffeine which is also found in many types of chocolate may have a positive effect on female libido. No wonder, it's a Valentine's day staple. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to nourish your love life and good health, check out all of our smart tips.