What Is the Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome?

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And the last question we're going to take an email from Blue Point New York. Debbie send us this email and she said, I have Restless Leg Syndrome and I was wondering if you could suggest anything that would give me some relief and help me sleep at night. Well, Restless Leg Syndrome is pretty common.

It's a real problem, it's a neurological issue that prevents our nerves and our muscles from talking to each other seamlessly. When that happens it starts to cause burning and you feel like someone tugging on your leg and you've stuffs people say, it's like crawling insects under the skin.

So it's a big deal, keeps people up all night a lot. We know that there some supplements that can be helpful, but there's some easy treatments you can give to yourself at home. Warm baths will often relax the muscle, and for that reason, you won't get the spasm as much. Meditation helps as well and it has been reported in some groups and you know those Acupressure Shiatsu type massages , they get dip enough that they seem sort of allow the system to strot /g out and relax so you get some temporary systematic relief.

So folks out there struggling with restless leg syndrome, think about it and its not a [xx] element. All right, thanks everybody. You got a question and you wanna ask me the questions, send it to me on me at doctoroz.com or come to studio.