How to Handle Sleepwalking for a Better Night's Sleep

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden here with some helpful advice if someone in your family sleep walks. Sleep walking is a mysterious behavior, some sleep walkers drive cars, eat or simply change where they sleep. Almost 30% of people report sleep walking, most is children, though 4% still take night time strolls as adults, in kids sleep walking doesn't generally signal a psychological or physical problem but grown ups who sleep walk should work with their doctor to address what's preventing them from getting deep sleep.

It could be sleep apnia, restless leg syndrome, or chronic stress. Here's some sleep walking safety tips in the meantime seal windows, clear floors, install stair way safety gates, banish bunk beds for kids, keep car keys and fire arms out of reach. Also keep a log of the time the child or adult falls asleep and when sleep walking starts, then for several nights, rouse the sleep walker 15 minutes before the expected sleep walk.

Don't wake your subject up completely, just disturb or change the sleep cycle, and hopefully night time strolls will end.