How Is Restless Legs Syndrome Related to Parkinson's?

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Restless leg syndrome is highly correlated but not predictive of Parkinson's disease. It's a syndrome where in the patient reports are weird, kind of fizzy but not necessarily painful sensation in the legs. Usually occurring in at night or when they lie down to rest, which is temporarily relieved by moving the legs only to come back once you're trying to go to sleep again.

Often, it can became so severe that it wakes you up during sleep and people have to get out of bed, pace around, put their feet in hot water or cold water and leads to excessive daytime sleepiness and there're treatments for that too. We again think restless leg syndrome is associated with the dopa mine deficiency in the central nervous system.

So we treat it with dopumine or mine when we treat it with chemicals that mimic dopamine without actually being dopamine called Dopamine Agonist.