Can Restless Legs Syndrome Be Prevented?

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There are couple of things that are useful and something that are really bad for you if you have restless legs syndrome, so you think game with me. sure.come on here on the table. Now I put to you two labels helpful versus harmful. Then you want me to put it under the category. Are they helpful or harmful? To legs syndrome or else come out some more Dr.

Here. What do you think? I feel comfortable? Comfortable? Right move over here. Here what else. I feel chocolate might be helpful, iron helpful. Right? What is? Description or medications? Powerful, Purple. Alright. And this one. So, why would you put soap is helpful? What's in the soap? I don't know.

Lavender. You're doing a great job. Alright let's walk this through quickly, okay? So the way you can remember what's bad for you are the three C's, alright. Cocktails, alcohol bad for this problem it's basically the bodies ability to communicate with what's going on with the brain.

Coffee in this case is bad for you, and guess what unfortunately chocolate still. Because chocolate and coffee both have caffeine. Okay, now troves, I put it around the green light a very common cause of the issue, some anti depressants, anti histamines, can cause a sick medication.

There are pills that can actually cause the problem but [xx] non hospitable new pharmaceutical prax that's work for it. So, it sometimes helps, sometimes hurt you, you're going to talk to somebody if your opcision[sp] medications, you definitely you don't want to ignore the problem though, because it's a sign of things not working correctly.

Now, so what's the good news, iron deficiency. Restless Leg Syndrome is common with people of Iron deficiency so, if your iron levels are low, which causes anemia, you also want to make sure that you're not causing other problems like Restless Leg Syndrome. Simple easy thing to take but we're not talking about it.

I'm really excited about, is it crazy home remedy that I've heard of that some folks swear by and it's soap. Soap. So what you do come on back to the bed again. Okay. If you take the soap, I know this sounds crazy, but you take the soap people put it under their sheets, so you actually have the odor coming up to the sheets.

We think the lavator's relaxing, in it's self maybe beneficial and perhaps because of that presser other ingredients so somebody is naturally meet soaks, people believe it and relaxes their legs, for they don't have quite many symptoms, but to have how many [xx] time do you think? You only have [xx]? Yes you smell this at all? Yes, I can.

Where is it? Where did it go? Yeah. Yeah. [xx] Yeah. You can take a [xx] back here one of you deserves a rest for that. Thank you. Thank DTime. Especially miss you. Go to you will learn more about [xx] [xx] get up there thank you for coming and playing with me. Thank you very much.