Why Doesn’t Moisturizer Seem to be Helping My Psoriasis?

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Moisturizer really does help psoriasis for most people so if your moisturizer isn't helping your psoriasis, you may not be using the right types of moisturizer. There's a generic over the counter moisturizer called Ammonium lactate that really has been proven to help reduce that scaley white skin on psoriasis black and thin it, out so that should help you.

Vitamin D creme moisturizes also really help, their skin are just sick but they work better with regular moisturizer. So you might need two moisturizers. Never scratch your psoriasis. Try really hard not to lean on it and if you have it on your elbows or kind of press on it, if you have it on your knees.

If your moisturizer isn't working by itself, that's normal, and you might need some medicines to help, and that's when you need to see your dermatologist.