What Causes Psoriasis?

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I'm gonna be surprised by another celebrity question. Let's find out who we got now, and it is Hi Dr. Oz, LeAnn Rimes here. I've been suffering from Psoriasis since I was a little girl, and that's why I've teamed up with the National Psoriasis Foundation, The American Academy of Dermatology for it, the Stop Hiding from Psoriasis campaign.

Dr. Oz, can you tell people what psoriasis is, and why they need to seek treatment? Well LeAnn, thank you very much. I love when folks step out into the limelight not because they're good and great at what they normally do whether it's musician or a politician or anybody else, but they're willing to actually talk about a personal health issue and put a face on it.

So Psoriasis, very common problem, probably 70 million Americans have it. It's an auto immune disease. It's not from dirt, it's not from infections. Your body's immune system is attacking the cells. When the skin is attacked it begins to get cakey, it turns red, it gets inflamed, it starts to create these patches that crack, and for that reason it itches and becomes very uncomfortable.

Not contagious, not a big deal if you touch it you can't catch it. A treatment, Vitamin D cream. Actually UV radiation from the sun also helps a quite a bit, the retinoids, these sort of Vitamin A compounds that strip off the top layer of the skin, allow the body to regenerate skin to create some new covering before the immune system can knock it out.

Interestingly, stress is a big factor. And so transcendental meditation, one of the first studies ever showing that it really affected the body, was psoriasis cuz they can reduce dramatically psoriasis rate. There is other therapies to pharmaceutical therapy as well but you need a doctor to get those prescribed.

But I think it end's right. We'd be focusing on and a lot of people haven't, don't know it.