What Are the Treatment Options for Psoriasis?

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The classic treatments for psoriasis are moisturization, be gentle to the skin, but also steroids. There are so many different kinds of over the counter steroids, but really you need a prescription strength steroid under the guidance of your dermatologist. Sometimes psoriasis starts to resist the steroid that had been working for you for years, that's normal too.

So suddenly your psoriasis flares up and you are using your medicine twice a day, that can happen so just see your dermatologist and ask for a new category of steroid. We inject steroids into some of the psoriasis plaques, and that makes them go away even faster. Now there are a huge category of other medicines, infusions and immunologic medicines, injection medicines that you do once a month for different kinds of psoriasis, so if you have psoriasis on your scalp you might get one medicine, if you have psoriasis in your nails or or your joints you might have another medicine, if you have psoriasis on the skin, in your under arms a skin that fold that's called inverse psoriasis that might be the another type of medicine so you need to see a psoriasis expert.