Is a Heart-Healthy Diet Good for Psoriasis?

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It's important with all the disease to remember that all of the different parts of the body are interrelated right. So somebody might have psoriasis and say gosh why do I need to follow a heart healthy diet? And at the core it's because we need the whole of our insides to be healthy so that we don't have certain symptoms and in this case the symptoms of Psoriasis.

So what's beautiful is that a heart healthy diet actually at it's core is extremely healthy for our skins, is extremely healthy to promote optimal inflammation or healthy inflammation response in the body. So a heart healthy diet is actually full of a lot of great nutrients that can be helpful for Psoriasis for example of unhealthy dieting includes our essential fatty acids a higher amount of our Omega-3 that's going to help reduce inflammation in the body also we want to make sure we are getting those important minerals or potassium and our magnesium and we also want to make sure we are not having to much sodium, that's the heart healthy part but did you know that's great for the psoriasis part too because it helps make sure that our body is extremely well hydrated and also that our inflammatory response is happening in a healthy way.