How Do I Treat My Psoriasis?

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You see the little model over here. Yes, she wear the purple gloves. Okay, hmm. She used purple gloves. Where are you going? Oh!Purple gloves used walking and leaving. They match your dress, your shirt, your blouse, beautiful. Okay now, this Psoriasis can be treated in several ways. One of them is through topical steroids and vitamin D.

Vitamin D affects how cells, if it is a cell. They have to come in a small through vio like this that is put on top as a cream, but I'm going to give you a little bit bigger bio here get vitamin D helpful for a lot of things, but it slows down the growth of cells so go ahead and rub on there.

Good. So, immediately takes a little bit of time. The other thing that we do a lot is that we can actually inject the tissues. So, they have these little injection pens that you can inject into your body into the areas Psoriasis have you ever had to do this? No. Let's practice. Okay. You go to a doctors office, they give you one of this.

So, you take the needle, and I want you take this needle, don't inject me. Okay. I want you to inject it in here. Okay. Let's see how good you are. Okay, now inject it in there. Good, very nice done. Now, these are biologically active compounds that have to be injected into the body because they get destroyed by the intestinal acid, very effective for folks who have really bad psoriasis.

But I say, some of the home remedies are the ones I want to focus on because they work so effectively. When the best one is involved, it take moisturizer, and most likely, and then you put enough on that. Oh, it's like washing up. Good. And then you take plastic wrap, grab your side, all the way across.

Good perfect. Now, you leave it there overnight, that's fine. Now, this allows the moisturizer to base into the skin. It's good by the way for dry skin in general, get to give it a couple of hours to soak in. Then the next morning when you get up, you take off the plastic wrap and wash it off, and this is literally how possibly can base.

Take that and wash off, so that arises. You want to get rid of that top layer of cells. There you go. One of the best thing about treating Psoriasis is we get rid of that top layer cells. You take away a lot of the [xx] that bothers you. Are you happy with that results? I am. You are very good psoriasis.

Congratulations. Thank you very much my assistant for the day. [xx] we will be right back.