Why Is It Important to Establish Routines for My Child?

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Routines are really important for children of all ages really because they really do respond to structures. The more structures, the more in control a child feels of their environment. So you want to really establish them young, we know that with babies the more routine they have the better off they are, the more adjusted they are, and there needs to be a little put up flexibility in that because do things do come up that really will toss the routine off.

But as soon as you can get it back in line, the better. So morning routines are really important, they start the day off right. We know that breakfast is the most important meal, make sure that your kids are trying to sit down and eat it. If you can, eat with them you can help set the tone for how the day is going to go, have the same wake up time everyday, have the same plan every morning what's gonna happen, have everything ready to go so that not everybody is racing around like lunatics, because the more chaotic the day starts, it'll stay that way.

Staying single for a night time routine, you want to figure out what the plan is at night, how are they going to get their homework done, by what time do they get time off to really chill out for half an hour and then they go to bed. You wanna create the most comfy plan to go through the day which will help your teens and your children be more successful.

It's especially important to start practicing your back to school routines before the end of summer because your summer routines might be more light hearted you might not have the same kind of structure and then jumping right into practice school you are destined to fail. So a week or two before school starts, start getting up earlier, start helping you teenagers especially shift their clocks when they're going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, start having those breakfast routines, get back into the habit and it swings so that when school starts, everybody's really primed.