Why Do Teens Cut Themselves?

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Self injury is a whole host of behaviors of which cutting is one part, the self injury in teens can include, picking at their skin until it bleeds, picking at their cuticles, pulling off garb, burning themselves, pulling out their hair, punching walls, anything that creates some sort of tissue damage or bodily harm.

And the reason that they engage in it, is because it regulates their emotions. They seems a little courage to [xx] if I'm feeling intense emotional pain why do I want physical pain? Well one replaces the other, so if I'm feeling something super intensely, and I can't handle, and I engage in some sort of self injuries behavior, it brings down the intensity of my emotions if I'm feeling completely numb, and not experience my emotions, and I engage in some sorts of self injuries behaviors, I might feel more of that emotion.

But it's a way to avoid the emotional impact into something that's more physical and more manageable. We do have some teenagers that engage in self injurious behaviors as a from of punishment, because they feel they're not good enough, or their self-esteem isn't there, or they feel that they aren't behaving or acting in the way that people would expect of them.

This isn't always them top number one choice, it's really about emotional glitches, you don't always have to worry also that your teens are suicidal because they are engaging in self injury behaviors especially cutting, they are mutually exclusive, although some teens do inadvertently kill themselves because they cut themselves too much.

But generally it's emotion regulation and lack of coping skills in dealing with the intense emotions they have.