Which Car Seat Does Your Child Need?

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with car safety tips for your kids. Double check their car seats. Are they the right style and size for your kid ages are they installed correctly, I ask because 72% of parents who've cars or booster seats for their kids don't have them installed correctly, that increases the risk of an injury during a crash.

The craxy[sp?] is felt correctly slashes the risks of accidental death for infants and passengers [xx] cars by 71% at 54% for one to four years old so these you need to know for up to two years old is a weird child facing child [xx] two to four or up to 40 pounds before facing child safety seat ages four to eight until the child is four foot nine use a five point harness booster seat.

Older taller kids can use seat belt is the lap buckle a across the upper thigh and not the stomach and a shoulder belt is across the chest not the neck. and all kids 12 or younger are safest in the back seat away from their bags. I'm Dr. Oz. For more ways to keep your precious cargo safe and sound check out all the health tips.