When Is the Right Time to Start Potty Training?

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And you're an expert on toilet training so tell us about toilet training, when is it appropriate to start? It's best to start toilet training when you are ready and when you see signs from your baby. This is really variable by culture. So for instance, we have cultures where the kids are in the rice paddies with parents, where the parents learn to take their naked baby and put them close to the ground and say [SOUND] and the baby learns to go and then the parent wearing the child all day as they work doesn't have to have the benefits of pee and poop on them.

American cultures do much more delayed gratification on the potty training thing. We are much slower about this, and find something you can see that your child is ready include recognising the potty dance, when they're squirming and worming and fidgeting because they don't want to be going and interrupting their play.

You can also see the toddler start squatting in a corner when they're ready to start going. They also can show fascination with what you're doing in the bathroom, so have them come in with you, or with your partner to make sure that they see how it works. We've a lot of toddlers, we have them in their clothes sitting on the potty, so that it's not scary and that's after they've gone on the potty, lots of excitement and cheers, for very good, you went on the potty, and wiping them and flushing the poop down the toilet so they know, Okay, that's where the poop goes.

And other kids, you can do the potty drill, that means picking a spot in the house, running as fast, saying on your mark, get set, go! and running as fast as you can to the potty, pulling down the pants, pulling down the pull ups, or diaper, sitting on the potty for even just a couple of seconds, putting the pull ups back on, putting the pants back on, washing hands and then going to another part of the house and doing this 10 times over so that it's a fun game being able to race to the potty just in time.

You can train that behavior and make it fun and make it a game with rewards such as a sticker chart for doing the right thing in the.