What Should I Do If My Teen Is Having Trouble Fitting in At School?

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Teenagers often have a hard time fitting in school because this is a time when everybody's really identifying who they are and their identities change at times. So they might have a group of friends on Monday that changes by the following Monday. So it's important for teens to recognize that their friendships may be more fluid and less static, like they might have been when they were younger.

So you still want to encourage them to be engaged and involved in activities they really enjoy, and not to give them up, because often time those are the play kids that they are really going to be connected to people who have similar interests to them. When they quit playing softball, they lose support to someone that they might have had, if they decide they wanna go play guitar and they starting fresh.

So you wanna figure out, how to help them keep a foundation of positive people in their life. And if they don't have that, help them figure out what it is they want to be involved and if they wanna pick up guitar and they've never going to be anything else, encourage that to make them meet people, enjoy it.