What Is My Role In My Child's Development?

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We're going to ask you to join in the game of pretend as you'll soon no matter folklore as river guide. See the way we think about child development and smart parenting, is to imagine your child's journey through life as a boat ride down a long often unpredictable river. That's the environment.

You as the guide help control the direction and speed while your youngster sits back and takes in everything around him including watching you, so that he can eventually learn to paddle or steer on his own. This analogy we hope will help you understand parenting on several levels that Ellen is going to walk us through, Ellen.

Okay, first consider the both child's genetic make up. Second, your paddle really serves as your own behaviors, actions and words. Third, the river represents the environment in which your child lives and you want your child to be an active yet safe participant in their environment.

Fourth your ultimate goal as guide is to teach your little passenger enough about the river so that she can start to take the helm safely and lively.