What Is Bullying in School?

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Bullying in school can really incompete/g o many different areas. We care about it all the time, and it involves lots of different from social bullying, which could be in between relationships, gossips being excluded from an activity or a party very intentionally. It can be physical abuse, so it can be pushing kids into lockers, shaving/g themand knocking things out of their hands.

So physical intensify. It can also be emotional. So it can be speeds spreading rumors, starting stories that get spread around like wild fire and often the emotional and social bullying happens these days on the internet. So this digital abuse or cyber bullying that's going on, it's really intense and really high.

So really anything that is beyond just a typical teasing and really into how can I hurt this person or pick on the person that's lesser than me because I believe that they're in some way far off into the heading of bullying.