What Can I Do If My Child Gets a Bad Teacher?

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Bad teacher can really be defined in many different ways, it could be goodness of fit problem where the personalities are different or it could be a teacher that really isn't such a great teacher. So you have to determine what it is and why your child is having a problem in the classroom and if it's really the teacher isn't an effective teacher or doesn't teach to the style of your child, you might want talk with guidance counselor or the principal to see if there's a way to change it and is a way to get your child more support or more what they need either in another classroom or with additional people within the school.

If it's more of a personality issue, there may be fewer things that you can do, but you might want to work on coaching your child on how to deal with that teacher to be more effective in communicating with the teacher, or getting what they want or their needs met from the teacher, because they're going to have to deal with this their whole life so starting in a good class is a good place to start.